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If you are interested in enrolling your child in YOUNGMOVEMINTS Childcare Center please call the office or email to schedule a tour.


When you decide to enroll your child in YOUNGMOVEMINTS Childcare Center you will need to complete these forms before your child's first day.

-Enrollment Application 

-Health Inventory Form

-Immunization Certificate

- Lead Testing Certificate (children born after 01/01/2015)

- Emergency Form

Enrollment Meeting

Once you complete the forms, you will schedule a meeting with the Director, in this meeting you will complete your child's care plan, meet your child's teacher, and pay the enrollment fees.

Enrollment Fees

  • A deposit of $150 must be paid in order to secure your child's spot and is refundable if the Director receives a written notice 3 weeks prior to withdrawing your child from the Center

  • A $50 non-refundable enrollment fee 

Drop Off 

We understand dropping your child off the first day can be difficult, we want to help make the transition as smooth and easy as possible, we ask parents when they arrive to sign their child in on the kiosk, and then walk your child to their room. We encourage parents not to do a long goodbye as this can upset your child more. We welcome parents to call or message their child's teacher or the Director if you have any concerns or worries about how your child is adjusting. 

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