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Infant/Toddler Class (6 weeks-23 months)

Our Infant & Toddler Class is all about guiding your child in their first stages of development, this is the time when your child's brain is growing more rapidly than at any other time. The main ingredient in our infant's day is play and exploration, while fostering a sense of trust and security. Our teachers are very warm and responsive and are trained to interpret each individual child's needs.  

Preschool/Two's Class

Our Two's Class is all about the "can do" phase. Our children are able to take an active roll in their day to day routines.  As our two's become more independent we provide learning opportunities that develop and enhance their fine/gross motor, language, and social interaction skills. In this class we also start toilet training.

Pre-K Class (3-5 year olds)

Our Pre-K Class consist of our older three's, four, and five year olds. This is an exciting time for your child, this is their last year's before kindergarten. Our teachers understand this importance and our curriculum is designed to continue the development of their social and academic skills prepping them for school.

Before & After Care Class (5-10 years old)

Our before and after care program is a continued focus on our students development domains as well as their academic achievement. We give our students the personalized attention and co-create learning strategies based on the students grade, personal strengths and interest.

YOUNGMOVEMINTS uses the Mother Goose Time Curriculum


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