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Our Team

At YOUNGMOVEMINTS, we know childhood is a cherished time. Our team believe's it is our responsibility to provide environments and opportunities that capture the precious moments of childhood, nurture each child’s individual growth and development, and begin the path for success in school and life. Our team of dedicated early childhood professionals have completed the education and training required by the State Department of Education, as well as continuos training from certified organizations.

The Owner/Director of YOUNGMOVEMINTS Childcare Center, Mrs. Liz has a passion for caring and educating children. She started caring for children when she was in high school, volunteering at the school her grandfather Dr. Wilson established in Rochester, New York. She later moved to Southern Maryland where she worked for the St. Mary's County Public Schools. Once Mrs. Liz became a wife and a mother she furthered her career and opened YOUNGMOVEMINTS Childcare Center. She has experience working with children of every age, different ethnicities and children with special needs. 

She graduated from the College of Southern Maryland with her Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Development and is active in continuing her education and training. She was the recipient of the outstanding achievement award in Early Childhood Development from the College of Southern Maryland and has been recognized by the Maryland Commerce for quality childcare in Maryland. Mrs. Liz believes it is an honor to be able to care for and teach children.

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